About Us


Currently located in Canuckland.. Vancouver Canada.

We started our blog whilst working abroad in Singapore, to share our passion, our love for food, traveling and our new found habit of being the food paparazzi.

Who are the gullets?
The founders and current gullets are Rob and Janette.
Rob is an Animator, born in Canada, raised on Alberta beef and lives in Vancouver.
Janette is a Graphic Designer, born in Australia, raised with the fishes in Sydney (/the shire) and lives in Vancouver too, in fact in the same place as Rob. How convenient.

Where have we been?
We’ve been lucky enough to live in Singapore, Canada and Australia. As well as travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, USA, and some other nifty places.

What do we eat?
We have chewed, swallowed & devoured many cuisines to date. Thai, Mexican and Japanese are some of our favourites… but they will never turn down a good ol’ aussie meat pie. Mmm pie.

Anything.. and everything…
As we said, the Gullets love to travel and experience countries for their unique cuisines & culture. The Gullets will try almost anything; actually we have a list! But if you’d like us to taste something new please let us know… We will hunt it down and stick it in our, well, umm… Iron Gullet!

Thats really how the name came about… One of the gullets was well know back in his highschool days to be able to eat anything.. and he can still hold his chilli chicken wings very very well. Yes.. we have been to the infamous Sunset Grill. We call these spicy wings bum burners.. no more explanation needed.

But nothing excites us more than trying a new dish for the first time, then trying to recognize the ingredients, shopping for those ingredients to make that dish at home… so also visit our Master Gullet page. We are no masterchef’s but we are addicted to the show and try to pull off as many dishes as we can, as well as our own creations.


So kick back, enjoy our site and thanks for reading.




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