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Jamies Italian

Jul 08, 2012 No Comments by

I am the biggest biggest fan of Jamie Oliver.. Like from way back in the day when he was known as the Naked Chef. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s where my passion for coking slowly grew from… No not from the thought of Jamie Oliver being naked, but watching this young guy make cooking seem soo easy.

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Tacofino Food Truck

Sep 25, 2011 No Comments by

Once devoured I spent the next few seconds contemplating licking the flavours off the cardboard plate… and then i did.

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Salad Stop

Sep 21, 2010 No Comments by

Do you ever feel the need for green?

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Golden Mango

Sep 12, 2010 1 Comment by

Not too oily and with a consistent freshness this is definitely the best Mee Goreng I’ve had thus far.

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The Touich Restaurant Bar

Sep 11, 2010 No Comments by

I’ll just state upfront that this was by far the best restaurant and eating experience we have had for quite some time…

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