Chilli Crab Vs Pepper Crab.. the Face Off

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One of the most important dishes you are *told* to try in Singapore is Chilli Crab. We want to tell you why its good.. and what might be even better…

Upon research to find where the best place to get the most authentic Chilli crab, Jumbo Seafood comes up repeatedly. So off we go..

We were super hungry after work.. and lucky for us the satay lady came around while we were waiting.. Satay sticks, chicken or beef, are also one of those cultural must-trys…. the major influence for these sticks I’m thinking is Indonesia… We all know Indonesians make good satay.. We apologise for the lack of pictures for these.. but alas.. hungry equals food in mouth.

Now back to the Crab… Yes.. umm.. Chilli Crab.. things you should know.. Its never spicy.. somehow the gravy always overpowers the fact that it has Chilli in it. I guess thats why in this post I really want to introduce to to Black Pepper Crab. I really feel that Chilli Crab gets way too much facetime. Pepper crab has the almost spicy, pepper sesnsation of flavour that keeps you licking your lips and is the real winner for our tastebuds.





Now get yourself down to Jumbo and don’t be ashamed if you use the little bread rolls to lick your plate clean.. Its a given.

Jumbo Seafood
(Multiple locations!)
We went to.. East Coast Seafood Centre


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