Ichiban Boshi

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Every time we go to Ichiban Boshi I indecisively drool over the menu for a good 10 minutes before I order. This is mainly because you are normally presented with at least 3 menu’s from their different japanese cooking styles..  Is it soo wrong to want a little of each?

The main menu is at least 28 pages, then there is kamameshi, then the sushi menu and not to forget the Sushi train which is pretty much a menu that zooms past your table every few seconds. Whoever thought of the sushi train must be raking it in.

Lucky for me I have been here twice with a very good Singaporean friend who introduced me to Ichiban Boshi, so I normally ask her whats good then the plates come rolling in!

This time we went for ‘Beef on a Leaf’ (can’t recall the name), Karaage Chicken, Salmon Belly and an variety of flavoursome sushi.


Although a smaller portion than expected the beef was very tender, and melted in my mouth.



The sushi is my next favourite, & in order of preference we ate, Salmon & avocado Handroll, Lobster tempura, Unagi / Tomago Sandwich, Salmon & California Roll… . (*once again – the correct names I have forgotten- But if you see the pics you’ll get the drift).

My favourite, the Salmon & Avocado is soft and squishee compared to the crisp outer layers of seaweed & qclosely followed by the Crispy Lobster Roll. Now the reason I rate the California roll as the lowest is only cause of my high expectations of them from living in Vancouver and so far I have had none that compare as yet.. but thats another story for another day :)






On other occasions to IB we have also tried & recommend to get the Enoki Hoiru Mushiyaki (Asst Mushrooms that are cooked in a Soy-butter brothy soup) and presesnted in a big foil parcel! As well as the Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg Custard), Ika Meshi (Squid stuffed with garlic rice, garlic miso sauce) and of course your visit is not complete without Miso soup.


•  ENOKI HOIRU MUSHIYAKI (Asst Mushrooms that are cooked in a Soy-butter brothy soup) •

• IKA MESHI  (Squid stuffed with garlic rice, garlic miso sauce) •

Ichiban Boshi
The Centrepoint #01-49/52
176, Orchard Road

for other locations check out


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