Little Nest – A Brunch Affair

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Little Nest has got to be one of our favourite brunch places on Commercial Drive…. and we can’t believe its took us so long to get there.

Once you enter, you’ll realise its laid back, but still a trendy little cafe. When you walk in on the immediate right you will be faced with 2 gigantic menu blackboards. I advise you to start staring, drooling and try to make a decision on what you want to eat. You can then proceed to the counter to order… Such a smart idea.. and saves soo much time on waiting for a server. The you take your number to wherever you want to sit!



Start with an expresso.. or a gigantic latte!

The menu for Little Nest constantly evolves. For instance, twice I’ve ordered the Brioche French Toast, once it came with juicy Blueberries, and another with nectarines and blueberries! Either way, there were no complaints.  I guess thats one of the great things about this place, no matter what, you always know you are receiving the freshest ingredients, and both times that Brioche was amazing.

Other things you should try are the Little Nest Breakfast, and the Egg of the Day.. using the most fresh, organic and local produce where possible, the flavours are generally popping in your mouth, as you recall the reason you love real tasting food!


Also – don’t forget to try an Aussie favourite, the lamington. In this pic is a less traditional flavour of lime, but the traditional is chocolate. A lamington is a sponge cake, covered in chocolate and coconut flakes. You know you’ll love it!


Little Nest, A favourite of Iron Gullet. Try it.


Little Nest

1716 Charles Street
Vancouver, BC

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