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Moving to Singapore I had many a people relate to me how amazing the food culture is here, and how you can get anything you want and it’s all really good.  Well, I knew we’d put that to the test, and have to say we’re sorely disappointed in the lack of presence of one of our absolute favourite cuisines:  Mexican.

Now, to be fair Mexico is quite a distance from Singapore (16196km to Guadalejara to be exact), but I would still expect a few more border-running Mexicans to have made it this far and set up a taco stand or two.  Corona has braved the high seas and graced us with it’s refreshing lime-infused glory, so why not decent guacamole?  Sure the real limes are tiny here, and Calamansi a tragic and outright wrong substitution, but doesn’t the abundance of hot peppers and avocados make up for it?   Well, these are questions I can’t possibly answer so I’ll just proceed to talking about our most recent attempt at finding burrito-bliss in the midst of hawker city.

Myra’s Beach Club.
Yes, not a very Mexican sounding name, but fairly mexican food as we found out upon perusing the menu.  Plus, upon consulting my friend Google, it turns out Myra is indeed a fairly common Mexican name.  Go figure.  But wait, before I get to the menu I’ll have to set the scene, describe the ambience, get you into the mood….

Myra’s is situated on East Coast Park, in a fairly awkward place to reach by anything other than cab or your own vehicle should you be fortunate enough to own one.  That being said, make sure to give the cab correct directions or you may end up at the wrong area and have to alter your plans to include an extended romantic walk by the beach.  Okay if your with your partner, not cool if you’re with your mates.  Our driver incorrectly assumed we were destined for the more touristy area of ECP, so we had a good 15 minute backtrack to our destination.  Luckily ECP is beautiful and offers a much needed escape from the city life.  Did you know you can even camp out there?  Urban camping = awesome!  But that’s for another day.  Back to the point of all this…

Upon arriving at Myra’s we realized that the ambience alone made the walk worth it.  The slightly dilapidated wooden structure on the back end of the sailing club has a decent amount of seating all outdoors with parts covered in case of Singapore showers (likely).  Overlooking the beach, we sat on the wooden patio and enjoyed candlelight with a very slight ocean breeze.  It’s actually quite nice to feel the air move as Singapore can so often get quite stuffy when you live more inland.  Sitting out there with random not-Mexican-at-all music playing and the sea breeze keeping you cool we really felt like we were on a bit of a holiday.  It was Wednesday night, but felt like a romantic dinner on a beach vacation.  There’s certainly something to be said about that!

We were greeted by a couple of pleasant staff who were attentive in getting us seated.  It wasn’t that busy so we just basically sat where we wanted.  Overall the service was above average by Singapore standards, meaning they were helpful, responsive and brought our food in a timely manner.

Now, about the food (this is a food blog, isn’t it?).  First off, we ordered a interesting specialty drink involving a Modelo beer in a salt-rimmed glass with hot sauce.  Sound weird?  Yes, it was a tad strange, but I must say I enjoyed it.  I love hot sauce, and why not combine it with beer?  It was much better than other spicy beers I’ve had, which usually have a distinct ‘organic’ aftertaste left over from the infused peppers.  I’d drink it again, and actually typing about it is making my mouth water.


For an appetizer we decided to grab some chips and guacamole that came with sauteed onions and capsicums (bell peppers for the western folk) served in a hot stone bowl.  Definitely a unique take on corn chips, and one we quite enjoyed.  The guacamole was pretty good, but nowhere near the one I make (modesty fails me when speaking about my guac).  It was really nice to find another place in the city with decent corn chips and fresh guacamole as it’s fairly rare, and the addition of the hot stone and sauteed veg made this dish a winner in our eyes.


For our main dishes we decided on the Paella and Chicken Enchilada.  The Paella had an extra wait time for preparation, but unfortunately wasn’t really what we had hoped.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  We finished most of it, but were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of oil, and underwhelmed by the overall flavour.  The enchilada on the other hand, was really fantastic!  Delicious cheesy goodness over top of a very textural corn tortilla filled with well flavoured chicken insides.  As if the enchilada itself wasn’t good enough, the salad that accompanied was surprisingly tasty.  There was some sort of smokey vinaigrette that was surprising and quite delicious.  It went really well with the cheesy, rustic taste of the enchilada.




Overall we’d definitely recommend giving Myra’s a visit, if not only for the location.  Sure, the paella wasn’t the greatest, but the rest of the meal was quite fantastic.  It’s a bit pricey, but in our opinion worth it as an escape from the urban jungle and for some decent quality Mexican cuisine.  Try the spicy beer, you may be surprised to like it!


Myras Beach Club
1390 East Coast Parkway,
PA Water Venture (East Coast)




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