Singaporean Breakkie

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Good Morning!

Do you ever wake up feeling like something simple like a soft boiled egg.. Well how about this for a back blog…
This is a very normal Singaporean breakkie we used to eat…. and I’m kinda craving it today!

You get two super soft boiled/runny eggs, Sprinkle them Soy and White pepper and dunk in some Kaya Toast…
What the? You say.. what is K-A-Y-A  toast? .. Kaya is a jam like spread on toast with a whack of butter.. trust me– its a whack.. and it tastes quite good!
The Kaya spread is made up of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan.. Super sweeeet.. and mmmm.

Now what’s better to add to this equation then an Iced  or Hot Kopi ( a sugary coffee with condensed milk)

Mmm breakfast of Champions…  and addictive… especially at an average price of about $3.50

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