Sushi in the Shire

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I have a huge and ongoing love for Sushi, so when a new place poped up in the shire, I knew I had to check it out!

Even though Sushi train is a franchise, that I had frequented in Cronulla, the new location in Sutherland, presented a bustling amount of people going in and out and a constant and happy pace.

This time I was lucky enough to be there with my Dad and as we watched the train go round and round we chose a few each as well as ordering off the large menu.

My favourite by far is the Salmon pressed sushi… and I wish more places in Vancouver knew how to do the layers as amazing as this one.

Basically it like a little slice of sushi cake, with warm salmon, rice, avocado, a delish and creamy sauce.. plus some hidden flavours I just can’t pick right now. But once you bite, Mmmm.. theres just no words to describe the amazing explosion of flavours in your mouth!



A few others worth mentioning are the chunky tenders of sashimi (of course!!),




Then the sundried tomato roll served with cream cheese and avocado, plus take a tender bite of the scallop roll, oh and cooked tuna and add some salmon maki in there for a cleanser. I’m sorry, they are just all sooo good!!
















One we didn’t try which rotated past a few times was the pumpkin and carrot nigiri.. If someone has tried this- we’d love to know how it was!

Now with full bellys, we had to escape before something new passed us on the train again, So now its your turn to check out the Sushi Train and get your sushi dose for the day / week!

Sushi Train
Shop 2&3, 570 President Avenue, Sutherland

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